Monty - Anzil Cockapoo
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Hi Anthony.

As it’s Monty’s first birthday I thought I’d drop you a line on how he’s doing. I’m happy to say that he has been a delight over the last 10 months. He’s passed his KC good citizen foundation and bronze awards and has just started some gentle puppy agility. They have a soft rubber floor, very low jumps ab=ns some tunnels. No weave poles or A frames etc yet. He loves it and is getting the hang of things quickly.
He is very friendly and loved by all who meet him. He likes to play with other dogs and his toys at every opportunity and loves water! I can’t keep him out of the local rivers and streams. His favorite thing is running through the woods near us. He is certainly keeping me fit trying to keep up. His recall is very good. He comes to a whistle almost every time, but can be a bit defiant if he’s playing with another dog.
Overall, we are really pleased with how he has progressed over his first year.  We are starting to think of getting him a friend next year!
Hope you like the pictures. I promise I didn’t pose him in the folding chair. Have a great summer and who knows, we may be in touch about getting another puppy next year.
John and Chris

Hexham, Northumberland



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