Our Prices & Reservation Policy. - Anzil Cockapoo
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Our Prices & Reservation Policy.

The price for one of our Cockapoo puppies is now  £1200 as of June 2017.

Puppy prices are still fixed regardless of sex or colour or type of cross.

As our overheads have continued to rise and the cost of seemingly everything has increased, this was a necessary step to reflect the quality and expense of our puppies.

We have also slightly changed our reservation process.

To be considered for one of our puppies we like to know a bit about you first, we prefer to do this over the phone.

This includes – Location, work commitments, previous dog experience, average amount of time a dog would be left alone, wether you live in a house or a flat and what outside space would be available to a dog.

A puppy cannot be reserved until this has been done and you have been approved. This is also an opportunity to ask us any questions specific to Cockapoos or us as breeders.

Once approved, our puppies are available for reservation on a first come first served basis.

A puppy can only be considered reserved once a deposit of £200 has been paid.  This then forms a contract between Us and you the buyer.

This deposit is completely refundable if on visiting we or the puppies do not meet your expectations or you do not feel there is a puppy you connect with in the litter you are choosing from.

Please note we reserve the right to cancel this contract at anytime before or after meeting you we do not feel you are suitable or there is any doubt around your ability to ensure the puppies welfare  once in your care.

The position in which you pay your deposit dictates the position in which you will be invited to come and choose your puppy in the litter you are interested in.

We encourage selection at around 6 weeks of age to give you a real feel for the puppies character and temperament.

If you are not able to visit before the collection date, we are happy to guide you in your choice.


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