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Where to start

To be considered for one of our puppies we like to know a bit about you first, we prefer to do this over the phone or via email.

The info we require includes – Location, work commitments, previous dog experience, average amount of time a dog would be left alone, whether you live in a house or a flat and what outside space would be available to a dog.

A puppy cannot be reserved until this has been done and you have been approved. This is also an opportunity to ask us any questions specific to Cockapoos or us as breeders.

Once approved, our puppies are available for reservation on a first come first served basis.


A puppy can only be considered reserved once a deposit of £300 has been paid.

This deposit is completely refundable if on visiting we or the puppies do not meet your expectations or you do not feel there is a puppy you connect with.

The position in which you pay your deposit dictates the position in which you will be invited to come and choose your puppy in the litter you are interested in.

We encourage selection at around 6 weeks of age to give you a real feel for the puppies character and temperament.

If you are not able to visit before the collection date, we are happy to guide you in your choice.

Once you have paid a deposit and reserved a puppy, we send litter updates and photos at 3 weeks and at 6 weeks. At these intervals the puppies progress is most noticeable

We do not invite anyone to come and view or handle the pups until they are 6 weeks old and covered by their first vaccination. This is for the safety of the puppies as disease can easily be brought in to the home.

At 6 weeks you are welcome to come and visit. This is an opportunity to meet us, our mums and dads and most importantly, choose your puppy! We appreciate that if you are already having to travel a long way to collect your puppy this may not always be possible and so we are happy to guide and advise you on the puppies temperament and character.

Puppies are ready for collection between the age of 8 and 12 weeks.

Care must always be taken when buying a puppy. Being involved in dogs for a lifetime, we know how it feels to be considering the commitment of taking on a dog. We too have spent countless hours researching breeds, breeders, forums and answering the questions that such a big decision provokes you to ask. We have experienced the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to breeders – so whether its your first dog, or your 31’st, we know what it takes to make buying and collecting your puppy an enjoyable and genuine experience.

How to apply for a puppy

We operate a provisional waiting list for our puppies. The time between when puppies are planned and actually ready to leave can be considerable and we appreciate that people’s commitments and circumstances can change within this time – Therefore we do not accept any deposits until our pups have been born. We ask interested families to Contact Us directly to enquire about our puppy plans and timings. We like to know a little about perspective new owners work commitments, location and family. We have to be 100% confident that our puppies are going to suitable homes so please do not be offended if you are asked questions.

In instances such as changes to our wait list and larger than expected litters, any available puppies will be placed on our ‘Available’ page under the ‘Puppies’ drop down


Being born can be tiresome

Although it is impossible to explain the amount of work involved in rearing a successful litter, below is a brief week by week guide of the pup’s first 8 weeks.

Week 1

After their birth pups are monitored on the hour every hour. This is vital to make sure puppies are suckling and are content with their mother. This is especially important with big litters. Care is taken to make sure the pups are feeding confidently and taking in vital Colostrum produced by their mother the first day after birth. By weighing each puppy every day this allows us to monitor their progress. Mum is monitored to make sure she is happy with her pups, lactating well and is generally content.

Week 2

Puppies are still weighed and checked several times a day to ensure they are clean and content. After a week of warmth and constant feeding the puppies will open their eyes ( usually around 12 days ) Although still pretty helpless, they are now stronger and more mobile. They can lift their heads for longer and will react to their mother entering and leaving their sleeping area. Puppies eyes are now beginning to open. Puppies are wormed for the first time.

Week 3

This is now the time that we see the most obvious change. The puppies eyes are fully open and their vision is improving every day. They are now responding to noise and the environment around them. They can toddle, wag their tails and even growl and yap to each other. This is the age we make an effort to handle each puppy individual for short periods. They become familiar with our voices and smell and become comfortable with human interactions.

Weeks 4/5

The pups are now starting to look like little dogs and begin to explore their surroundings. They encounter slippy floors, bigger dogs and get really involved in playtime with the kids. They will start to play with toys and carry things around in their mouths. While spending more time out of their playpen we start to toilet train by encouraging the use of training pads. This is a habit which once picked up makes toilet training alot easier in their new homes. The pups will be wormed again.

Week 6 / 7

For us, this is the best stage of puppy development. Pups are naturally playful and interact with the world around them. Their confidence grows as they encounter new experiences and characters and personalities now start to show through. The pups visit our vet where they undergo a thorough examination checking their heart, eyes, tummy, joints, coat, condition and temperament. They are given a clear health certificate. They receive their first vaccination, are treated with a spot on to prevent fleas. We also take this opportunity to Microchip the pups so their new owners details can be registered to them. This is a chance for the pups to travel for the first time in the car are usually pretty un-phased and sleep through the journey. The pups willl be wormed again.

Week 8

By this time the pups are now fed 3 times per day on a complete puppy food. Mum spends a lot of time away from her litter and checks in occasionally to lick and clean the pups before finding a safe vantage point (usually the back of the sofa ) Although still keeping an eye on her pups she has now stopped producing milk. Pups are this age are constantly on the go and seek our attention at every opportunity. When the weather is nice, they spend time in the garden puppy pen. Pups are now wormed for a final time. Continued socialization as this age is vital as the pups are very receptive and are eager to learn. They have become familiar with their routines of food, play and quiet time and are a pleasure to keep entertained and then comes the time for the puppies to meet their new owners and leave for their new homes, often with little persuasion or encouragement needed!