Stud Dogs - Anzil Cockapoo
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Stud Dogs

The Anzil Stud Team



Here at Anzil our preference has always been to use only quality, pure-bred Miniature Poodles in our breeding programme.

Although cross breeding is not an exact science, we have always strived for each litter that we breed to be a predictable outcome.  To achieve this we breed from the very best bloodlines and gene-pools available to us.
Our Poodle boys boast pedigrees from the UK, Europe and USA.

Physically our boys are moderate in size, with thick wooly coats and a sturdiness that makes them the perfect match for our Cocker mums.


We are closed for visits until further notice.

We cannot recommend breeders with puppies available.

We do not have any puppies ready to leave.

Our wait lists are now closed until September 2020.

Since the beginning of this pandemic we have been receiving upwards of 200 calls and emails each day.

Anyone that has made contact and is waiting to hear back we will do our best to update you in due course.

We appreciate your patience.

For those families navigating freead sites in search of a puppy, please proceed with caution.

Stay safe.

The Anzil team.