Daisy Boo - Anzil Cockapoo
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Daisy Boo

Hi Anthony,

I just wanted to thank you for your superb breeding program for health, temperament and type, which produced our absolute treasure, Daisy Boo.

She is perfect in every way and so eager to please.

She has been so good since bringing her home at 8 weeks.

Unbelievably, she has slept every night from around 8pm to around 8am with no “accidents” during this time – as I say unbelievable but absolutely true.

She is so easy to train and willing to learn playful tricks.

Everyone who meets her adores her!

I cannot praise you enough; the very early days, in your care, are so important to the overall development and wellbeing of a puppy and Daisy Boo is proof of your devotion to creating confident, well rounded puppies –

I am sure she will grow up to be the best companion ever!

I will keep you informed of her progress as I intend to keep her happy and content with plenty of play and new challenges including obedience training, flyball and agility, luckily we have these clubs close by.

Please feel free to give my telephone no. or email address if any new owner would like to chat about or even meet Daisy Boo as an endorsement of your breeding program.

I attach a few photos of Daisy Boo over the past 4 months.  In the last photo you can see her lovely wavy coat.  Feel free to link to Flickr; Jazzie1956 – for more photos and videos of Daisy Boo.

A few facts that new owners might be find helpful: at 6 months Daisy Boo weighs 7.2kg, is 14.5” to her withers and follows the Hill’s Science Plan Guide to puppy feeding, currently about 175 grams per day and is thriving very well on it

She does have a good appetite!

Thanks one again and please continue your breeding program as I will not hesitate in the future to have another of your puppies.

Best Wishes.



 Julie Jackson – Selby, North Yorkshire

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