What our VET says - Anzil Cockapoo
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What our VET says

What our VET says

My name is Natalie Oakes and I’m a veterinary surgeon at Vet-Erin Mobile Veterinary services. I have been the vet for ‘Anzil Cockapoos’ over the last few years and I would highly recommend them to anyone. In fact, if I didnt already have three dogs, I am sure that I would be the proud owner of a cockapoo by now!

The dogs certainly are bred for health, temperament and type. All adult breeding dogs are carefully selected and all of their physical and behavioural needs constantly attended too. Stud dogs are PRA/PRCD checked before breeding to ensure that inherited eye disease is not passed on to their puppies. Bitches are also checked at various stages of their pregnancy and lactation. I give the puppies their first examination at 7 weeks old. At this point, all being well, they will also have their first vaccination and identichip. Puppies have been regularly wormed with ‘milbemax’ and will have had ‘Advocate’ applied. ‘Advocate’ provides broad protection against common internal as well as external parasites in dogs.

Good socialisation is also a vital aspect of puppy development. All adult dogs are of superb temperament, and the puppies are bred in a home environment where they are exposed to a broad range of different people and activities. Consequently, happy, healthy and well adjusted puppies are created. It is always a pleasure to see how each new litter develops, and it is certainly one of the parts of my job that I love the most!

Natalie Oakes BSVC MRCVS

Natalie Oakes
109 Liverpool Rd
L39 0EQ
Tel: 07917762885 / 01695722313